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Andrew Wright

Andrew is a management consultant and author with 30 years of experience in managing projects and business change. He works at board level down to understand and remove the blockers to innovation and successful change. His education was as a scientist and software engineer, leading to 12 years in applying artificial intelligence to real problems (including combat systems) before moving into more general change management. After 8 years working in a consultancy role, he became a freelance and has since worked for a wide variety of clients, from engineering to financial services. Working with such a diverse set of clients has given him an extensive insight of both the financial and behavioural challenges to innovation, and some thoughts on when and how they can be overcome.
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The Future is Sooner Than You Think – it’s a Dynamic World out there

By Andrew Wright 20. August 2019

Long-standing policies towards research and development no longer support manufacturers’ success, as mergers and globalization continue, due to:

  1. Demands for bigger profits from investors who are distant from the business reality
  2. Bigger investment in innovation needed to give future success
  3. Shortening timescales as globalization introduces pressures from BRIC economies

How is this affecting the innovation options for businesses? How can you make sure that you are ready to grasp opportunities that only lay within completely new development?

In this article I look at examples of innovation driven by urgent need to compete rather than long-term thinking, and how this affects innovation paths. In addition, I offer some take-aways on how to do innovation even better next time.

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Innovation and Business Performance: Choose the right approach

By Andrew Wright 26. March 2019

The investment in change needed for high business performance in five years will compromise business performance in the short- to medium-term. The trade-off facing the Executive of any organisation is between investment in strategic goals and delivering acceptable (‘survival’) performance in the meantime. Here are 4 high-level approaches you should consider – and a hot tip from our side.

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Are you a decision maker? What to consider when investing in innovation

By Andrew Wright 15. January 2019

The business case is central to directing investment in most organisations, but business cases are often biased substantially in favor of the outcome desired by their authors. It is the role of a responsible Executive to reject such ‘fantasy’ business cases, but this can lead to hard rules that also reject strategic investments in innovation.

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