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Scott Mouw

Scott Mouw has been working at Borregaard with the Exilva product line since 2015. Scott has a long experience from the field of coatings and pigments, as well as previously working with specialty chemicals.

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Why do we use microspheres when formulating paints?

By Scott Mouw 31. July 2018

Paint formulators face many challenges in today’s market, and are continuously in search of new innovative raw materials to satisfy the needs of their customers. In an effort to reduce cost, improve technical properties, and fulfill more stringent environmental regulations, chemists have started to look toward a class of products known as microspheres.

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Can MFC take your car care products to the next level?

By Scott Mouw 11. July 2017

Can MFC assist formulators of car care products achieve the next level of performance? Can it offer ease of use for consumers and car care professionals, while at the same time using safer, more environmentally friendly additives with a wide range of functionality? I think the answer is yes, and I will show you why.

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