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Topic Tuesday: Heat of hydration – avoid cracks in concrete curing

By Mats Hjørnevik 8. May 2019

What is heat of hydration, and how does it affect the settling and curing phase of the concrete? Learn more about different types of concrete cracking, why they occur - and preventative measures and repair methods for fixing it in this Topic Tuesday. Hint: there are bio-based alternatives available!

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Topic Tuesday: Next generation gypsum boards

By Mats Hjørnevik 16. April 2019

Gypsum boards (plasterboard/drywall) are a very commonly used product in the construction industry. Currently, the production of the boards is a labor-intensive, CO2 producing and energy consuming process with the need for many synthesized additives to retain the flow, strength and setting profiles. What if you could change that?

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Temaer: Construction, Other use areas for MFC