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Posted by Mats Hjørnevik 30. March 2016


Welcome to the Exilva blog, brought to you by Borregaard. This is your weekly update on microfibrillated cellulose (MFC). Here you will find articles about MFC characteristics, functionalities and news and tips. Whether you are new to the term "MFC" and its concepts, or experienced within the field, this blog will definitely provide you with some good insights and ideas.

We invite you to use our comment field actively if you have questions or comments about the content of the blog. Please fill in the form on the right to subscribe to our blog. We are delivering this to you free-of-charge and at your own desired frequency.

Here are three reasons why you should subscribe to our blog:

  1. Tips, usages and best practices
    For the first time, MFC is starting to become commercially available. In this blog we will cover new application fields, characteristics, functionalities, tips on how to include and process this new material, as well as our own experiences from working with it. We will provide you with extensive information on MFC and its opportunities.
  1. Follow the latest news and trends
    The blog will contain updates on the latest application research conducted and released both by the industry as well as the academic sources. Every six weeks we’ll provide you with a complete review, either on commercial use or on technical updates.
  1. Get in touch with the MFC experts
    Through the Exilvablog, you now have a tool to easily get in touch with our bloggers. You can connect with them on the social platforms, comment on the articles, or just reply to the e-mail with our blog updates.

 Looking forward meeting you on the Exilva blog!

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By: Mats Hjørnevik

Mats Hjørnevik has five years’ experience working on microfibrillated cellulose. As the marketing manager of the Exilva products from Borregaard, he works closely on introducing the concept of microfibrillated cellulose to the market. Mats has a M.Sc. in international marketing and experience from international locations.



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Exilva is Borregaard’s innovative new additive within the field of Cellulose fibrils / Microfibrillated cellulose (MFC). Exilva is a completely natural and infinitely sustainable performance enhancer that improves rheology and stability in product formulations.


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